Saturday, August 9, 2014

Social Studies Warm-Ups for Middle School

So this comes from a request about how I do warm ups in my classroom. Our team does Warm Up packets per grading period. We plan for them for three days a week-- the other days we warm up by reviewing our memory chants/tricks or the students recite their memorization piece for the six weeks.  

Our warm ups generally work in TWO parts:

There is one STAAR Formatted Question and one knowledge based question. 

The STAAR Formatted Question: 
This usually it comes from a Released STAAR Test. Students are required to show strategies on this question. We have a school strategy that we use and we require students demonstrate knowledge on these question beyond circling and underlining. 

Knowledge Based Question: 
The knowledge based question is formatted in multiple ways, lists, visuals, etc.  It is usually something they can easily find in their notes or recall quickly from memory. 

List four things you can remember about the Louisiana Purchase.
What are the five weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation?
Write your document chant. 

I generally do this because it helps build kids confidence at the beginning of class and allows them to practice skills they will need on their tests/quizzes. 

I hope this was helpful! Happy Teaching!


  1. Thank you! I appreciate you sharing. See you on the 19th. Enjoy the rest of your summer.
    Jackson In The Middle

  2. I appreciate you sharing.

  3. Where can I download? Is there a link on tpt or on your blog? I am able to read your profile and the comments from others. There are no links that allow me to view the warm ups and print.