Monday, July 20, 2015

Uplifting Students: Dealing with the Middle School Blues

As teachers we deal with negativity all the time, from our coworkers, from parents, and a lot of times from our students. 

So often our students are dealing with FAR more than what we can imagine. From their home lives to their online presence our students deal with far more than I would ever want to deal with at their age. 

Quotes by Taylor Swift

They spend a lot of time listening to lies about what the world wants them to be. They have greater access to other peoples thoughts and feelings and people feel more and more entitled to express every opinion they have the moment that they have it. A lot of times as adults we put that on the kids-- its their prerogative to listen to access all those lies and thoughts but at that age... we were all desperate for love and attention. 

Quotes by Taylor Swift
Over the past few years I've dealt with depression in my students more and more. Our students spend seven hours a day at school and a lot of that time they spend being challenged or tested beyond they scope of what they believe they can do.

Quotes by Amy Poehler (as Leslie Knope),
Andy Bernard and Pam Beesley Halpert (from The Office)

Every day I start class with music. Music uplifts me and lessens my stress and in doing so, and when my students see my dancing and singing it lessens their stress as well. I open every day with announcements and if I have any funny stories to tell from the day or night before I do. 
Quotes by Walt Disney and Mindy Kaling

This summer I've decided to tackle something else. At every desk in my classroom I am taping down a different quote. For the most part they come from various authors, TV Shows, and my girl Taylor Swift. They are unique to me because they represent people and things that I love. 

Quotes by John Green

I put the initials of whoever the quote came from at the bottom. Mainly because I felt like kids would respect some of the quotes more if they didn't know who it was from. 

Quotes by Pam Beesley Halpert (The Office) and Sarah Dessen

It tried to be careful and thoughtful about the quotes I put down. There were a few quotes that seemed great but if I thought of it from the perspective as someone who was considering suicide. Be careful that your inspirational quote couldn't be twisted to give someone permission to self harm. Mostly be weary of quotes that speak of "letting go".

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! I know it has been a while but as always I appreciate all of your support and feedback!