Sunday, August 4, 2013

Rappin' through History!

Okay-- so my kids think I'm a "rapper". In reality I went to Texas A&M (Whoop!) and was a Fish Camp Counselor and became fairly good at coming up with "Yells". My "raps" are easy to remember because they rhyme. They aren't perfect but I thought I'd share a few of them. 

Principles of Government are always difficult. I encourage my students to learn the raps to help them find the key words

          Executive Vetoes,
          Judicial Overturns,
          Legislative Overrides,
       Checks and Balances Learned.
          (Executive Branch can veto a law, Judicial Branch can Overturn a law and declare it unconstitutional, and the Legislative Branch can override a President's Veto)

Question from STAAR 2013
Students from my school ranked at the top of our district with this question. 


Key to a SOLID "rap": 
  • Figure out WHAT you want your students to know. 
  • Don't be afraid to abbreviate, use slang, or use an acronym!
  • Try to get the words you want them to remember to rhyme! 
  • Keep it short! If it's too long it's too tricky!
  • Be sure it works IN RHYTHM! 
Tell your kids WHY the "rap" is important! If they don't understand why the rap works then it is insignificant! 

Happy Teaching!

Find my raps at TeachersPayTeachers: Ms Puckett's Store

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